Below are the minimum system requirements for Redbrick Practice Management (RPM) to operate correctly. These system requirements are intended as a guide for the entry point for hardware to run RPM successfully. As always the end user experience will be commensurate with the hardware the software is running on.

To ensure compliance with the minimum system requirements please pass these specifications on to the person responsible for your IT infrastructure as soon as possible to confirm that everything is as required prior to installation.


Microsoft Windows XP or above
Microsoft Office 2007 or above
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (required for SDLT)
Minimum 4GB RAM
2GHz CPU or faster
A monitor supporting a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768

TCP ports 80 and 1433 and 1434 open inbound and outbound to


Server OS one of:
– Windows XP Pro(Max 10 Users) *
– Vista
– Windows 7
– SBS 2003 or higher
– Any other Windows Server OS 2003+
Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2
– Express, Pro, or Enterprise, Express recommended for most firms
At least 4GB available RAM capacity (physical, not Virtual Memory)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (required for SDLT)

Must have at least 4GB spare disk space.
TCP ports 80 and 1433 and 1434 open inbound and outbound to


*Please note Microsoft will be terminating support for XP in April 2014, Redbrick Practice Management will continue to operate but your system will be exposed to any new vulnerabilities. As such we recommend against the use of XP.

“Windows 10 – Redbrick Practice Management is supported by Redbrick Solutions (UK) Ltd on the following editions of Windows 10 –Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise. Redbrick Practice Management is supported on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app.”

These specifications are minimum requirements only.

We recommend Windows 7 or 8 for the Workstations and Server 2008 or higher for the Server.

Please Note:

It is not recommended to run your SQL database on the same physical machine as your Exchange server, as these both compete unfairly for resources.

The Netgear ProSafe range of routers can still block RPM data from being synchronised even with ports 80 and 1433 open, and so are not suitable for use with RPM.

Successful use of our Outlook Addin requires 32 bit Office to be running.  It will not work correctly with 64 bit Office.