Features / Benefits

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Manage and produce Estate Accounts

Our comprehensive Estate Accounts are produced to STEP standards, ensuring you remain compliant and provide a high level of service to your clients. Built in risk management tools help guard against over distribution and multiple beneficiaries can be managed from one simple screen.

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Correspond with multiple parties

With so many different parties to communicate with in an average probate matter, Redbrick Practice Management makes it simple to send communication to multiple parties at the click of a button. Saving you time and money and enabling you to communicate effortlessly with multiple beneficiaries, legatees, asset holders and liabilities.

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Auto populate forms

Save significant time on complex form filling with Redbrick Practice Management. IHT200 and 400 series are partially pre-populated for you. Produce income tax forms, apply for grant of representation and all other associated forms are completed at the click of a button. Saving you time, removing the risk of errors in re-keying information and enabling fee earners to work more efficiently, thus creating more productive time.

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Consistent Oath drafting

Produce consistent draft Oaths in seconds with Redbrick Practice Management. Utilising data already captured in the system, drafts are more accurate and take significantly less time, creating more productive time for fee earners.

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Manage interim payments and tax payment dates

Redbrick Practice Management has diary triggers built into the custom workflow, never miss an important payment date again. The case management diary is integrated with your Outlook diary so you can stay up to date on the go. Payments can be easily made to multiple beneficiaries from within the system and safeguards are in place to ensure there is no risk of over distribution.

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Automatic cash and IHT calculations

Redbrick Practice Management intelligently calculates IHT totals, taking all considerations into account. The system will also calculate distributable cash on account automatically, facilitating automated, quick and easy interim and final payments.

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Simple top down view of the entire Estate

Fee earners will be able to see, simply, at a glance, where they need to focus their efforts on the estate. The simple, visual layout makes managing the estate much easier and reduces the risk of oversight. Assets and liabilities can be handled in a much more productive manner making the whole probate transaction more profitable – especially important when working to fixed fees.

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Customisable workflows and matter types

From the outset we will work with you to design custom workflows, specific to your requirements (or you can choose to take our standard ones). Our workflows allow you to efficiently progress a matter, utilising multiple triggers to automatically produce documents, forms, emails and text messages at the click of a button.

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Intelligent to-do list

Our intelligent to-do list ensures no step is overlooked, enabling users to simply see any outstanding tasks for that day either on a specific matter or over all matters assigned to them. Partners and Heads of Department can also easily re-assign tasks should a fee earner be away from work and can monitor progress over all matters to manage timely billing.

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Automatically produce template letters

We can either provide a bank of probate template letters for you, or you can choose to import your own. If you choose to import your own we will do this for you as part of our comprehensive set up process and will ensure all of the relevant fields are mapped to enable pre-population of your letters for a more efficient matter.

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Comprehensive document management

Find and send documents quickly and easily with our comprehensive document management system. Letters, forms, emails and text messages are all stored with a full audit trail and version control to ensure you remain compliant. Documents can be emailed to multiple parties, as a pdf, with a simple click of a button, saving you precious time. Hard copy documents can easily be scanned and dragged into the system.

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Two way Outlook integration

Never lose track of email correspondence again with our clever Outlook integration. Outbound emails can be sent, with attachments automatically converted to pdf’s, to single or multiple contacts from within the system. Inbound mail is scanned automatically and added to the document history, saving a significant amount of time compared to manually adding correspondence to a file, as well as the cost of printing.

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One shared diary for the whole firm

Easily manage client meetings, book out your boardroom or check other colleagues availability with one shared diary which also integrates with your Outlook diary so that nothing is overlooked.

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Improve communication with auto SMS and Email updates

Text and Email messages can be pre-programmed into your workflow so that they are sent automatically at key milestones, keeping your clients up to date, improving client satisfaction by demonstrating how pro-active and efficient you are and keeping your matters on track.

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Increase efficiency and profitability

Saving small amounts of time at every stage in the probate process quickly adds up to make a significant difference. By making each matter more efficient you are able to grow your practice by increasing the number of matters you can handle without increasing your headcount. With an increasing number of firms choosing to offer fixed fee billing, handling your probate matters in a more efficient manner is more important than ever.