Features / Benefits

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Unique per transaction business model

We charge on a transactional basis for every active matter in Redbrick Practice Management. In the majority of cases our clients pass this transaction fee on as a disbursement. Quotes are not charged for, enabling you to quickly send out initial client documentation, chase up quotes and capture client details without the risk of being out of pocket should the client not proceed to instruct you. We also offer the option of a fixed per user per month fee if you are unable to pass on a transactional fee.

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Low set up costs

We have removed the onerous large initial investment required by many legal software suppliers and replaced it with a very low set up fee which includes full customisation of the system to your requirements, importing and data matching all of your required template documents, installation of the system on either a server or hosted environment and unlimited training.

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No cost upgrades

To ensure you always have access to the latest in legal technology, we develop several new releases each year, provided at no cost. Many firms get stuck with out of date technology because they cannot afford the high costs of upgrades. We believe in future proofing your firm, to ensure you stay compliant, efficient and profitable with no down time.

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Free support and maintenance for life

We do not charge any additional fees for support or maintenance, our one low transaction fee covers everything you will ever need. Our business model ensures that it is in our best interests to make sure the system works perfectly for you, from day one onwards, which is why clients have voted our customer support ‘Excellent’.

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Online case tracking

We are proud to have been the first case management provider to offer 24/7 online case tracking. Updated in real time as you progress through the matter, you have total control over how much or how little your client can see online. The online case tracking can be embedded into your own website, enhancing your brand awareness and driving more traffic to your site. Clients have reported that inbound telephone enquiries have reduced by as much as 40% since the introduction of online case tracking.

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Automatic SMS and Email updates

Keep your clients up to date with free automated text and email updates. Pre-programme messages to be sent out as key milestones are reached in the matter or send ad-hoc messages via the system when needed. This results in increased client satisfaction and fewer inbound enquiries to your firm, giving you more productive time to progress your matters or take on additional work.

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Fully Customisable

From the outset we will work with you to design custom workflows, specific to your requirements (or you can choose to take our standard ones). Our workflows allow you to efficiently progress a matter, utilising multiple triggers to automatically produce documents, forms, emails and text messages at the click of a button. Custom Logic enables you to design specific IF/AND/OR statements within the system to tailor the data you capture or the resulting tasks and documents or to run specific reports.

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Secure, Online Document Portal

We use the very latest technology to make the conveyancing process as efficient as possible.The portal enables you to securely upload documents pertinent to the matter, for your client to download and read at their leisure.  Your client will also be able to securely upload any documents that need returning to you. We take a serious stance on fraud in order to offer as much protection to our clients as is reasonably possible.  The portal has the highest level of security available, using two-part authentication.  This enables you to share sensitive data, such as bank details, with your client whilst removing the risk of email interception and fraud.

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Fully integrated system

Third party integrations make Redbrick Practice Management the only system you need to use. Clients love the fact that they don’t have to switch between multiple products to progress their matters and it is a much more efficient way of working. We integrate with SDLT, Land Registry, First Title, Outlook, Searches, AML, Lawyer Checker, referrers and legal accounts.

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Two way Outlook integration

Never lose track of email correspondence again with our clever Outlook integration. Outbound emails can be sent, with attachments automatically converted to pdf’s, to single or multiple contacts from within the system. Inbound mail is scanned automatically and added to the document history, saving a significant amount of time compared to manually adding correspondence to a file, as well as the cost of printing.

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Integrates with Legal Accounts

Redbrick Practice Management integrates fully with Redbrick Business Intelligence (see the Business Intelligence page for more information) to provide valuable business insights and real time financial reporting. We also offer an integration with Quill Pinpoint, who are able to offer an outsourced cashiering service to clients. Please see more about Quill on our Partners page.

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COLP & COFA Toolkit

As of 1st January 2013, authorised legal services firms must have a Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) and a Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA). COLPs and COFAs play a key role in the SRA’s regime of outcomes-focused regulation. The COLP and COFA will be instrumental in creating a culture of compliance throughout the firm, becoming its focal point for the identification of risk. Redbrick Practice Management and Business Intelligence has a fully integrated, extensive toolkit designed to support the requirements and responsibilities of nominated persons. See our COLP and COFA page for more information.