Features / Benefits

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Real time integration with Redbrick Practice Management

Fees and file notes pass through automatically eliminating duplication and minimising risk of errors. All transactions are recorded giving you a complete and accurate history on any file

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Instant access to comprehensive transaction history

Reflects not only a history of financial transactions, but a comprehensive history of all activities on a matter e.g. File notes, pending disbursements, unbilled fees

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Integrated requisitions for money in (receipts) and out (payments)

Requisitions reach the cashier electronically, minimising the need for printing. A note is made on the file when a requisition is requested for record purposes

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Separate Client and Office Accounting

Business Intelligence offers all the necessary controls with regards to the strict handling of Client money.

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Manual and system bank reconciliation

Run bank reconciliations with amount, narration, date and reference filters. Bank reconciliations can be saved or run on a daily basis. Redbrick Business Intelligence offers a very easy, user friendly manual bank recon wizard, or choose to run automated system recons at the click of a button by importing your bank statement. Saving your cashier hours of time at the end of each month.

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Integrated flexible fees and billing management

Easily arrange on-demand invoices, pro-forma accounts or system generated invoices and statements at the click of a button, allowing flexibility for each department to invoice clients according to their specific requirements.

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Electronic invoices and client statements that could be emailed or printed

Save a considerable amount of time by recording fees as they happen. Provide your clients with up to date monthly bills and statements

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Staff management with Activity reports

Entire practice can be managed with minimal effort with various productivity reports such as fee earner activity reports

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Easy and accurate maintenance of Deposit accounts

Business Intelligence includes the functionality to easily record and maintain Deposit accounts. Comprehensive reports provide you with information such as bank account numbers and interest

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Budget planning by branch and department

Easy allocation of cost centres within your business enabling you to make crucial financial decisions

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Sophisticated financial management system

Redbrick Business Intelligence offers over 100 automated reports that can be delivered at regular intervals of your choosing. We also build bespoke reports on request. Now you will never have to wait for month/year end to be up to date with your business finances.

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Separate accounting periods, including 13th Period

Our 13th period allows you to capture your auditor journals in the correct period ensuring that your financial statements are always accurate