Features / Benefits

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Fully integrated solution

Our COLP and COFA toolkit is fully integrated into both Redbrick Practice Management and Redbrick Business Intelligence, enabling compliance checks to run over both your front and back office operation, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

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Full set of Law Society COLP & COFA forms

All of the Law Society COLP and COFA forms* are provided within the Redbrick Practice Management and are pre-populated for you, ensuring you remain compliant at all times. Forms are automatically stored against the file and can also be stored against restricted access files where a breach is suspected. (*additional fee to the Law Society applies)

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Restricted Access Files

Restricted access files are available for nominated persons to securely record information on breaches, SRA involvement and outcomes.

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Customisable risk reports

Risk reports can be customised to your requirements and set to run automatically at an agreed frequency. For example, run a daily or weekly report on all files that have not completed AML checks. This ensures you remain compliant at all times and any potential risks are highlighted to you before they become breaches.

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Compliance database

Redbrick Business Intelligence offers one secure area to store all of your compliance related documentation, record file reviews etc. This database can have restricted access for security purposes if required.

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Automatic conflict checking

Redbrick Practice Management has automated conflict checking built in, so that you can ensure you remain compliant. As you add a new client or matter, a conflict check is automatically run and any potential conflicts highlighted to you immediately.

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Risk management built in

The fully customisable workflows in Redbrick Practice Management can be amended to include automatic risk management tasks to ensure your firm are consistently following best practice guidelines. For example, you can set pre-activation tasks, that lock out the rest of the workflow until they have been completed, for example, AML checks, or signed terms and conditions that must be received before continuing with the matter.

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Legal Eye partnership

We have partnered with compliance experts Legal Eye Ltd, to offer all Redbrick clients a free compliance review of your client care letter, terms of business, website and email footer. Please contact us for further information.