Welcome to the Redbrick Academy.  Below you will find a range of instructional and informative videos that we hope will be of benefit to you.

If you have any requests for training videos please contact the Academy co-ordinator Jo Hodges on 01572 770088 or jhodges@redbricksolutions.co.uk

Redbrick Practice Management Intructional Videos

Redbrick Basics Part 1 – An overview of Redbrick Practice Management


Redbrick Basics Part 2 – An overview of the Find Screen


Redbrick Basics Part 3 – An overview of the Progress Screen


Redbrick Basics Part 4 – An overview of the Billing Screen


Redbrick Basics Part 5 – An Overview of the Documents Screen


Redbrick Basics Part 6 – An overview of Other Parties


Redbrick Basics Part 7 – An overview of the search integration



What happens when an environmental report doesn’t pass first time?


Post Partner Scanning Integration with Redbrick – Demo


Groundsure webinar : Planning impacts to property transactions.


User Guides